Thursday, March 31, 2005

How I Learned to Love da' Bomb...

...and by "da' Bomb," I mean, of course, my pal Clifford Meth, who writes a kick-ass weekly article for Silver Bullet Comic Books, which bills itself as "The Internet's Most Diverse Comics Webzine" (which may well be true, I don't visit frequently enough to confirm or deny anything). His article is called Past Masters, and in it, Meth invariably details his own murky misadventures amid the corrupted, sludge-filled entrails of the ever-mysterious, ever-ubiquitous Comix Underground. This week Meth talks about his ongoing relationship with Dave Cockrum, the beloved comics artist/writer who designed and drew so many of the X-Men that we all know, love, and take for granted these days (such as Nightcrawler, Colossus, Storm, etc.), and about Cockrum's ongoing health problems, which have driven the Author to at least start thinking about taking his own health issues at least a little more seriously... I always catch a faint whiff of nitrous oxide wafting from Meth's prose, as if he somehow intends for his readers to cackle hysterically, trip-out disorientedly, and also not notice that their teeth have been bloodily wrenched from their gaping mouths till much, much later... And now that I think of it, the name Meth sounds like it well might be a corruption of Emeth... hmmm... does that mean the man himself could be a corruption of Truth???!!!


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