Thursday, March 10, 2005

My Sentiments Exactly

This was taken from the front page of the McSweeney's Website, and echoes my exact thoughts about people like Sting (who once ruled the universe but whose music now resembles Michael Bolton's) and Meg Ryan (who was once beautiful but whose lips now look like someone took a bike pump to 'em)...

"Precisely how much of the joy one takes in reading J.D. Salinger's work comes from the knowledge that he has chosen to withdraw from the public eye for the past five decades? The books would be no less beautiful—not a word would change—but if, for instance, Salinger had spent the past few years drawing a paycheck as a staff writer for Vanity Fair, mightn't that dim the appeal of Franny and Zooey just a bit? Or what if he'd written four sequels to The Catcher in the Rye? What if he'd been, however briefly, the host of a late-night talk show? A guest on The Muppet Show? The center square on Hollywood Squares?"


At 12:36 PM, March 10, 2005, Blogger NeoTheAwakeninging said...

I do not think that people like J.D. Salinger would actually do something like that. First of all they are probably seeing the world in different perspective, perspective which is beyond the common sense and science.


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