Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Who IS this "Hank Magitz?"

You (all four of you, my loyal readers) may have been wondering to yourself, after the last post: "Who is this 'literary correspondent' and 'top field correspondent' I've been reading so much about lately, who will supposedly be publishing all these exclusive monthly interviews with famous tough Jews like Goldberg (the wrestler), Harlan Ellison (the SF phenomena), Geddy Lee (the Rush bassist) on The Pig of Death (and on The Pig of Death only), and whose virulently anti-Meshichist fiction will soon be gracing the pages of The Pig of Death (which I've been rabidly visiting at least 13 times a day since March 9th)?"

Well, before I post the first of Hank's short fiction pieces for this blog, I figured I owe my teeming, overbustling readership a fractionary glimpse into the biography of a man whose prose will leave you for the rest of your days, nights, weekends, holidays, bar mitzvahs, weddings and funerals contemplating their dark, foreboding, and sometimes prophetic visions of a world occupied by vigilanties, heretics, and snake-oil salesmen posing as spiritual leaders... anyway, here it is:

Hank Magitz was born Henry Thoreau Magitzowski in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following a scandalous incident involving Eva Peron and a midget, Magitz fled his native country in 1951 and arrived in Brooklyn Heights, NY, where he was befriended by minor Beat poet Greg Corso (rumor has it that Corso’s seminal poem “Bomb” was an ode to their sordid friendship). Some months later, Magitz came under the tutelage of Stella Adler and studied both “the method” and Russian punch-needle embroidery but was asked to leave The Actor’s Studio after a brouhaha with Marlon Brando, which left Magitz with a permanent lisp and Brando believing, years later, that he was a Native American. With 46 novels to his credit, all written in his adopted language of Esperanto, Magitz currently resides near the fortress of Rumeli Hisar in Istanbul where he leads a grassroots movement to decriminalize the exportation of cheese made from mother’s milk. You can visit him at www.jewsforcheeses.org.


At 8:37 AM, March 23, 2005, Blogger barseff said...

Geddy Lee is a Jew, who knew? i have to scrounge up my Jews Who Rock book.

btw, i see your blog is being picked up by jrants.


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