Thursday, April 28, 2005

Og King of Bashan -- The Original O.G.

See, here's my point on a platter --

Why's it always the devout non-Jews that come up with the most hilarious Biblical illustrations the world has ever known???


Anyway, to check out some details about the real Og, who is among my favorite "Enemies of Israel" because, for all of his brash and swagger (and breathtaking stature), his name translates directly from the Hebrew as "Cake," have a look at this d'var Torah from Yeshivat Tiferet Yerushalaim, which I ain't never heard of till now -- it's the most comprehensive description I've been able to find yet. Can you find (or write) a better one? Leave a comment!

Jewish Babies In The Bricks

Look who's refurbishing brownstones in Park Slope these days!!!

Jewish babies in the bricks?
You bet your gragger!!!

Courtesy of special Brooklyn correspondent and Frum Eye for The Frye Rabbi host Shimmy Shinri. Thanks, Shimms.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bar's Random Rantless Emes (Vol. 6)

The story of Jonathan Pollard - this is a great article and insight into the whole affair.

Carleebach does Kaballah in NYC.

JSirpicco? A New Jew Blog: Rantings of an undercover Jewish guy (Editor's note: this site is not endorsed or recommended by Chazarmaveth. For a reference, check his comments on Voices From Our Side, in which he kinda makes an ass of himself. At his own expense.)

Fascism 101 - The Wave: "Strength Through Discipline, Community, and Action" -- I saw the movie in Hebrew school in the 80s, now you can check out the book about a high school experiment to teach the power of social pressure that went awry.

A Righteous Goy - he saved over 2500 Jews during WWII; we can all learn something from him

Madonna & Kaballah diatribe by radio host Mike Savage.

Air Scooter - a new way to fly.

A sweet car commercial using a funky graphic technology.

8-Bit Extravaganza in L.A.

(Art by Plasticf**ker)

Saw this on Screenhead and it made me think, "Wow. That's pretty freaking cool."

Evidently, there's an exhibit going on right now in L.A. called I Am 8-Bit which is art dedicated to the video games we all used to play. Now, love of 8-bit (and retro-80's love in general) has gone in, out, back in, back out, and come around back in again, I guess... But regardless of all the "ins" and "outs," there is and always will be a place in my heart for this kind of stuff, no matter what. Fort90 has posted pics that aren't on the I Am 8-Bit site gallery -- they are definitely worth a look-see.

Here's another pic that I just couldn't resist putting up here -- Azrael the orange cat is conspicuously missing, but we'll just cede that to artistic license:

(Art by Erik Wayne Patterson)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Porn=Chametz, Erotica=Matzah?

A while back, the popular Jewschool blogger known as Mobius posted a really amazingly great article in Jewsweek about his decision to start keeping Shabbos, entitled "The Barren Bling Finger of God" -- check it out here. In the article, he describes what to me is probably one of the most compelling reasons for a single buchur to get serious about Yiddishkeit -- the beauty and loveliness and devotion of all the holy Jewish sisters out there who are into Yiddishkeit:

"You need to understand how much I adore Esty. The other night we were having dinner and she invited her dad to join us. I joked with Esty what I would say to her dad upon meeting him: "Uh sir, I know I'm not frum. And I know I might never be. But I'd like to ask you for your daughter's hand in marriage." What?

"Yeah. Esty is amazing. She makes me want to be frum. She's seriously my favorite frum girl in the world (like I said), and I have the utmost respect and appreciation for her and everything she's about. She consistently amazes me and just makes me feel very good about Orthodoxy and Orthodox people, because she's so emblematic of what happens when Orthodoxy is done right."

I actually told people, over the long Passover weekend, about his article, how it inspired me, how great Israel is for inspiring this kind of teshuva and these kinds of life-decisions, and I waxed nostalgic for the days when all of Judaism was set ablaze for me by the excitement and electricity of meeting amazingly holy Jews in the Holy Land.

So imagine my surprise when I click onto Jewschool last night, fully energized from a weekend of endless meat-eating, wine-drinking, spiritual contemplation and shmoozing with old friends, to find an image of an 18-year-old Israeli girl lying fully unclothed on a beach covered by nothing but a slice of matzah, with the title: "Pesach Porn."

I encourage all of my readers not to follow Jewschool's link to the Suicide Girls' website, but instead to go to the Jewschool article (beware for the tzniyus-minded -- the lead picture ain't exactly kasher l'Pesach) and read the volley of comments, many of which are mine, about this posting. I'm not one to lord my moral/ethical opinions over others -- I just feel a little betrayed by Mobius, and a little disappointed that the cutting-edge Jewish web culture that I've come to enjoy lately has to bring things like this into its midst.

Anyhow, Gutten Moed, everyone!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Two Groovy Paschal FLASH Treats

From the same guys who brought you "Good To Be In D.C." and "This Land Is Your Land" (aka JibJab) comes a Flash animation about... yup, you guessed it, the Paschal festival, done with the same eye for minute detail coupled with pinpoint technical/stylistic excellence that they bring to all of their work...

It's good, but it's not my favorite... the Jewish "Eminem" emcee character is just a wee bit too shlocky for my taste... The "Who Let The Jews Out" thing still has my vote for 2005 Best Paschal Flash Animation (if this isn't an actual award yet, well, then it should be).

Another Flash animation I saw today was cooler, more colorful, more learned and less shtick-based, but it's all in Hebrew -- caveat watchtor (heh). Having done the Seder in Hebrew for the past 8 years, I think it does a pretty admirable job getting the whole thing down in about 60 seconds.

Nods to Jewlicious for that one, and to Jewschool for the JibJab one... They always seem to get there before me, the bastids... how do they do that? Anyway, Chag Kasher v'Sameach, y'all!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Cold Rockin' the East Village

My old Siftei Chachamim teacher, Rav Shmuel Skaist, has his own underground scene in the East Village at a joint called The Sidewalk Cafe, which is part of a larger East Village scene called Antifolk. He doesn't do the oi-oi-oi crapola, or even write very many songs with Jewish subjects -- though the ones that he does write are pretty funny (the one I remember best is called "Christian Baby Blood Matza", which has a quite "Bitchin' Camaro"-esque bounce to it)...

Anyway, he's coming out with a new CD next month -- I hope to review it here and perhaps even interview the man! Check out his site, where he does a radio interview with John Kalish of WNYC.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Kansas Rabbi Opens Can O' Whupp-Ass

Evidently, an orthodox rabbi from Kansas saw someone wearing a swastika t-shirt in the Kansas City International Airport and stepped to him. Check the fuller story out from JewSchool, and pay attention to the comments section -- I clock-in with a few well-timed words for an idiot who tries to defend swastika-guy's "civil rights" -- FUCK that asshole's civil rights! is what I said, and will continue to say.

This whole story kinda reminds me of that "Illinois Nazis" scene from The Blues Brothers...

Anyway, go here for the full article by the Kansas City Star (registration required, unfortunately).

Here Come The ABC's

Everyone's favorite (sadly non-Jewish) weirdos, They Might Be Giants, have a new Alphabet-themed kids' DVD and album out now in stores, with a website (Flash required) that gives you some juicy video previews of what to expect...

TMBG teaching the alphabet!!!!! I love it. Little Junior Silverman shall love it. I shall make Little Junior Silverman love it whether he/she actually loves it or not. Acually, when I read that Disney Records is their publisher for this, my knee-jerk reaction was, "Another one bites the dust..." But hey -- if it's helping them make great work that my entire family will be able to enjoy (with the exception of my dear Mother), then whatever... I guess...

One of the videos, an ode to the frequent partnership between the letters "Q" and "U," features them walking around public places in NYC wearing huge custom-foam headmasks with the letters on their heads. Even if they have sold out, they have not yet lost their kookiness.

Anyway, a friend of mine, Clifford Meth, will be interviewing them tomorrow for The Aquarian, and old-school Jersey music mag -- and he scored me 2 free tix to see them this June in NYC!!!! Freakin' A!!!! I thought maybe one of the members was Jewish (with a name like "Flansburgh," who would doubt it? and they are from Brooklyn, after all... and they did do that Chanukah song that one time...), but evidently, neither of them are. Bummer. It would be totally rad to have "Hineh Ha-Aleph-Bet Bo!" for Little Junior Silverman to learn his aleph-bet, but... alas, no can do. Maybe that should be my first independent project... hmmmmm....

Freaking Nutty German Art People

Some weirdos in Berlin want to give birth to their first child in... an art museum.

Um... no thank you? Um... hello?

(Thanks to Artkrush for broadening our horizons on this one)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bar's Random Rantless Emes (Vol. 5)

• Nice!  Gotta love the Xhawk aerial vehicle - flying car from Israel, where else?

• A movie about quantum physics that actually looks entertaining... "Surely you can't be serious..."  Here's the movie trailer.

• These are cute little Yiddishe kids.  

• This is funny to anyone who's ever had to wait for someone who's late -- check out the the Starjack commercial.

• Check out a great Jewish Organization that actively seeks out people in need, and gives them money or goods to make their lives better - Lamed Vuvnik.  Happy Pesach all!

Jewish Arts Metropolis (JAM-NYC), a new Jewish arts organization that "represents a new voice for the world of Jewish arts & culture in New York City."

• From the Straight Dope web site: Was Walt Disney a fascist?

Women Orthodox Rabbis?.  

• Guess the Jews.  I think I know these people.  The guy on the left I think lives in Crown Heights.



Thanks to Fantastic Planet for this foray into zoological oddity.

Monday, April 18, 2005

The Funniest Passover Comix EVER!!!!

Oh my sweet, sweet merciful Lord in Heaven...

I can't even explain how FREAKING HILARIOUS THIS IS!!!!!!!!!!

Whoever made this... I just... I can't... it's too much...

Thank you, Jewlicious, for lighting up my life on a daily basis...

Friday, April 15, 2005

Who IS... PETER CHAMOR?!?!?!?

Who is Peter Chamor?

A. Nobody. He doesn’t exist. It’s PEH-ter chah-MORE, Hebrew for “initiation of the donkey”—a mitzvah, not a person.

B. Peter Chamor is to first-born donkeys what Pidyon Haben is to first-born Jews. If the owner disowns ‘em, they go to the Temple. If he wants ‘em, he gives the Temple a sheep or goat instead. Positive Mitzvah #81.

C. Before “holy cow!” there was “holy donkey!” This mitzvah distinguishes donkeys to pay tribute to their critical pack-animal role in the Egyptian Exodus.

How do I redeem my donkey?

1. Qualifying Criteria
Donkey must be the first born to Mr. and Mrs. Donkey. He must be male. He must be born naturally. He must belong to the Democratic Party. Just kidding. Owner must be an Israelite — Kohanim and Levites are exempt.

2. Hand it Over
Today, the Kohen serves as donkey collector in the Temple’s stead. Give him a sheep or goat (as long as it’s not dead, slaughtered or Caesarian-born), and Donkey’s yours to keep.

3. Make a Statement
A special blessing is recited when the exchange animal is designated, even if it hasn’t yet been given to the Kohen.

(Excerpted (well, stolen, really) from the article by Mendy Hecht -- image supplied by Moreinu v'Rabbeinu Yehoshua Coren, Principal Recruitment Homeboy for Shalem -- and when ChazarMaveth starts up its punk/metal/slash cover band, the above image will surely be in the top running for album cover...)

Solar-Powered Wallpaper?

Well, the 2005 Webby Award Nominees have been announced...

One of the nominees for Best Blog has gone to, which seems to be a hip, eco-friendly, tekkie-type site that currently has a link to the 2nd Annual Interactive Media Culture Expo, which looks freakin' cool, and which is happening right now in my very own neighborhood of Chelsea!

One of the featured exhibits at this event will be a development called Solar Powered Wallpaper, which evidently is a new way of lighting the interior of your home... Hmmm... I guess that's one way to cut down on those costly lightbulb expenditures! I assume that this of course will now inspire a whole new round of, "How many ______s does it take to change the wallpaper?" jokes, as well as the creation of all new images of wallpaper floating above cartoon characters' heads in thought-bubbles when they get new bright ideas...

Whatever... also nominated for a "Webby" in the Professional Services category is, who, regrettably, seem to be trying way too hard to eradicate the notion that the "gross" appeal of their bottled Casio-style muzak was what made them at all cool in the first place! C'mon, Muzak... where's the cheese? The MIDI? The violins and doinky pop-music covers? Bring back the old school, yo!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

America-Guy's Response

Evidently, Dennis Madalone has responded to the video that mince-meated his sappily-patriotic, faux-metal rock anthem dedicated to the victims of 9/11 and our troops in Iraq -- and his reponse is surprisingly mature-sounding! Check it out on Say Anything, and read the comments as well -- they are great. I especially like the one that says, "Leave Dennis alone. I think you must be jealous. You only wish you could rock that hard." It's so hard to tell if the writer is being sarcastic or not!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

America -- F**K YEAH!!!



(For a reference to exactly what this video is making fun of, have a look at this other video which came out a while ago called, appropriately enough, "America, We Stand As One". Don't forget to remove the Air Motion Discomfort Baggie from the seat pocket in front of you...)

(Thanks yet again to Daypop for this one.)

Bar's Random Rantless Emes (Vol. 4)

• Find the above image at Temple Mount Faithful.

• To continue with my Matisyahu obsession, here's a short film documentary (Windows Media needed) on his life transformation that's been around for at least a year but I ran into it again.   He's also featured in another one called Awake Zion.

• I found a new blog by Yehoshua Rubin, a Jewish writer, speaker and musician who has an interesting take on Torah, music and living.

Torah, Mind and Body - Mattisyahu Brown teaches Alexander technique with Chasidus and Kaballah influences in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  

The Center for Torah Healing.  The site's under construction; however, there is some content there, and they are doing some wonderful work in Far Rockaway, NY.

• OK, maybe I can slip this article past the censors: David Meir-Levi, father of Washington Heights extraordinare Gavriel, made it to a right-wing conservative web site: Does Israel Have a Right to Exist?  It's actually a great article.  

• Take a look at Insurgent TV Stars live on tape from Iraq.

• I like wikis. Here's one on Yiddish Words and Phrases.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

TONIGHT Benefit Concert for Teaneck Family


Yerachmiel, Prophets n' Blues, Od Yosef Chai and PEY DALID

"I'm sure by now many of you have heard about what happened in Teaneck just before Purim. For those who haven't: there was a terrible fire that killed 4 children and burned a house down. The mother of the family and the other children survived, but are in pretty bad shape. Some of us in the music community who have no other means of helping, other than utilizing our talents, have decided to put together a benefit to help ease their burden in this troubling time. All benefits are going directly to the Seidenfeld Family. If you are unable to attend but would like to donate money for the cause please be in touch with me at We hope to see you there." -- Laib

Location: Makor, 35 W 67th Street (between Columbus & Central Park West)
Date/Time: Tuesday April 12, 8:30 PM
Admission: $15 (first come first serve)

Tuba Toothpaste

Went to a classical music concert last night at the Society For Ethical Culture that paid tribute to the life of Bill Hamilton, who recently passed away. Hamilton, as I'm sure you know, was one of NYC's most trumpeted (heh) French Horn players, and the concert given in his honor last night featured more French Horns than you could shake a conductor's wand at... literally. I have never seen so many of those twisty, curvey, intricate brass instruments all together in one place before, or playing so beautifully... wowie.

Anyway, the greatest performance of the evening, in my opinion, was by a horn quintet fronted by much-sought-after tuba player Marcus Rojas (pictured above), whose rendition of Mozart's Quintet for Horn and Strings k.407 in E minor literally left me with tears streaming down my hayseed, country-boy cheeks. Then, Rojas proceeded to play a solo Tuba piece that he wrote for a child named Joshua who died of pediatric AIDS. The most gripping, stirring, and powerfully emotional live solo Tuba performance I have ever witnessed. This guy was unbelievable.

Evidently, Rojas has played and recorded with all kinds of famous cats, including two of my own personal favorites, They Might Be Giants and David Byrne, both of whom seem to have created online radio broadcasts lately! Byrne's "journal", which he wants you to know is not a blog, is worth checking out, even though it seems he hasn't updated it in a month. The price of being a famous superstar arteest, I guess... or maybe, when you win a Blogging award from Esquire Magazine, it all seems downhill from there... not that I would know!

Monday, April 11, 2005

The Sh!tHiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Awww, man...

Planet Magrathea, who is evidently a big-time Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fan, seems to think, after having seen a sneak-preview of the new live-action adaptation of the classic book, that it totally blows. I am sorry to hear this, but I can't say that I'm altogether surprised. The 80's TV series, which was campy, low-budget, overly-zany, and in general a complete, utter flop, was probably the best anyone could have done -- the material is SO HARD TO TURN INTO A SANITIZED, AMERICANIZED POPCORN-MUNCHER!!!! Anyway, check out the trailer here (which, to be fair, doesn't look half-bad, but then, I like sanitized, Americanized popcorn-munchers).

(Thanks to Bar for showing me Daypop, an interesting top 40 blog where I found the above review.)

Friday, April 08, 2005

Punch Drunk Art Mag

Who loved Punch-Drunk Love? Remember those warped, intermittent psychedelic miasmas of color and shape that made you scratch your head and say, "WTF?" Those were designed by Jeremy Blake, who is something of a hot-shit digital artist right now, and who has a very intriguing-looking exhibition right now at the San Francisco MOMA. Wish I could go! Maybe he'll come back to NYC soon.

Got this link from Artkrush, which is a kick-butt digital journal about cutting-edge art-world goings-on... I get it as a biweekly e-mail, and it rocks.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Hello, Google.

Please block/remove/un-cache the following page from your index.

If you could please notify me when this has taken place, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you --
Jerry Silverman

"And This Is My Assistant, RONKA..."

It came, it came!

My e-bay purchase of Brad Bird's The Family Dog (on VHS) came in the mail! Yipee!!!

Now, I realize that what I'm about to do transgresses every single Intellectual Property Law known to mankind, but, frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. I am fairly confident that big-daddy B, knowing that an old-school vintage creation like this has not yet become available on DVD, would be totally psyched for someone like me to podcast this, at least for a limited engagement, to re-advertise unto the world that, no doubt, his kick-butt animation/direction skills have been in full effect since all the way back in the mid-80's when nobody knew his name, and (presumably) he didn't have a pot in which to, well... you know...

And if I'm wrong, I'll go to jail... peacefully... quietly... I'll enjoy it.

So, that being said, here is the episode as a Quicktime. I will only have it up this week, possibly next, so enjoy it, and give a shout if you agree that it ROCKS!

Bar's Random Rantless Emes (Vol. 3)

Duran Duran is back baby.   Rhetorical question: what is the limit on the amount of comebacks a band is allowed to make?  (See Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Meatloaf, etc.)

• A great article about how radio programming can really make you think and most TV is just a passive act: Stealing Calm An Ode to Radio.

• Orthodox Jewish teens can't compete in debate championship on the Sabbath.  Where's the ACLU on this one?

• As a followup to Hank's super maiden interview with Leslie West: pics from the "Matzoh & Metal" VH1 Seder, and  more fun facts, and more at Jewschool.

The Treasury of Wisdom (Otzar HaHochmah) will contain over 16,000 volumes of Torah Content.   Can we get our stuff out of the Vatican basement yet?

• Search anywhere in the US, and click on the satellite to get a sweet satellite image of your house (if you live in the US at least).

• Support Israel's Economy and get your wife, girlfriend or yourself a funky hat.

• In case you don't know but Diamand David Lee Roth is an EMT in the Bronx, as per my good friend NYC cop Lou.      

• Last weekend, we went to a wine tasting down in the Lower East Side (of NYC of course) to one of the few remaining Tenement Shuls, The Stanton Street Shul.
• I love Israel and can't wait to be back, check out Kumah (Arise) and see what's going on with aliyah and other Israel topics.

Who Let Da' Jews Out????

Oh, sweet Lord...

They did it right. Whoever did this, they did it right. It is funny. It is hip and on da' scene. It is exactly what I am talking about here. I hate advertising, but I may just follow my mindless consumerist impulses and buy the book. Click here to see the Flash animation (you will need the Flash plug-in, as you may have guessed).

Thanks to The View From Here, whose blog and podcast are keeping me quite amused this week -- freakin' funny stuff, y'all! Especially when the host (Harry) and his wife (Ziva) launch into an impromptu a capella rendering of "Say, Say, Say..." People in the next office over from me were like, "What's this guy on, he's laughing so hard?"

Monday, April 04, 2005

Tough Questions For Tough Jews: Leslie West

Musicians Dee Snider, Leslie West, Scott Ian, and J.J. French pose for a photo during a taping for the VH1 Classic special "Matzoh And Metal: A Very Classic Passover" at the VH1 Classic Studios March 28, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

You’ve heard his riffs on the radio, his kibitzing on The Howard Stern Show, and lately his guitars behind Ozzy Osbourne on the remade “Mississippi Queen.” Now Leslie West, front man for classic-rock survivors Mountain, goes pupik-to-pupik with field correspondent and resident hard yid Hank Magitz. Our man cornered West (a.k.a., Leslie Weinstein from Forest Hills) outside the defunct Shmulke Bernsteins where he was saying kaddish for his dearly departed pastrami on rye and half-sour pickle.

HANK MAGITZ: Besides complaining to Howard, what was your last authentic Jewish act?
LESLIE WEST: The other day we did this special for VH1 Classic called “Matzoh and Metal.”
HM: Come on.
LW: No shit. We shot the special the other day in New York and it was a lot of fun. It will be on right after Passover. The second night or day after. They’re gonna run it quite a few times. It’s with Scott Ian from Anthrax, myself, and both JJ French and Dee Snyder [of Twisted Sister]. Dee’s half Jewish so I wanted to have a mohel there and have him to a bris, but Dee said he was circumcised already. We talked about how Passover might have influenced our music—just four guys sitting at the table doing the wine, the prayers, the plagues, the bitter herbs. It can’t get more bitter than having Anthrax at the table.
HM:: Whose idea was that?
LW:: The president of VH1 Classic, Eric Sherman came up with it. He said he got the idea from me because we were in Hawaii and I was talking to him about how many Jewish rock musicians I’d found out there are. I didn’t realize there were so many—seems like more now than ever. Anyway, I thought it was going to be stupid, but it wasn’t. It was great. Manischewitz sponsored it. I just hope people don’t turn it off when they find out we’re Jewish, you know what I’m saying? But I really don’t give a shit.


Sunday, April 03, 2005

Want To See All The... DEMONS??!?!?!?

Ever feel like... there are DEMONS following you around everywhere?
Making you drop that felt pen on your clean white shirt?
Making you stub your toe as you're walking out the door?
Have you ever wanted to see them, crush them, squeeze their little eyeballs out for causing you so much... so much tzuris?!?
Well, have I got the answer for you!
Just read the following passage from the Babylonian Talmud tractate of Blessings (page 6, side 1), and start taking control of your DEMON problems TODAY!!!

It has been taught: Abba Benjamin says, If the eye had the power to see them, no creature could endure the demons (that occupy the world around us). Abbaye says: (The demons) are far more numerous than we are, and they surround us like the ridge round a field. R. Huna says: Every one among us has a thousand (demons) on his left hand and ten thousand on his right hand. Raba says: Fatigue in the knees comes from (demons). The wearing-out of the clothes of the scholars is due to (demons) rubbing against them. The stubbing of toes comes from (the demons). If one wishes to see them, let him take the placenta of a black she-cat, the daughter of a black she-cat, the first-born of a first-born; let him roast (the cat's placenta) in fire and grind it to powder, and then let him put some into his eye, and he will see them.

Who said our Sages didn't have all the answers?!? Though I think they left out the obligatory eye of toad, tongue of newt... didn't want to be redundant, I guess...

Friday, April 01, 2005

They Ain't Makin's Jews Like Jesus Anymore...

Heah, heh. The singer of the above lyrics (and frontman of the above band), Kinky Friedman, is now running for Governor of Texas. Catch an interview on CBS news with him here. And Good Shabbos to you.

Look!!! Talmudic Farm Tools!!!

Allright, OK... so maybe they were manufactured by modern-day Israelis within the last decade or so for display at the Talmudic Village Exhibit in Katzrin, but... still! Talmudic Farm Tools, man!!! The kind that R. Shimon bar Yochai saw that fabled farmer hoein' and plantin' with when he decided to set his entire field ablaze -- with just a wink! (Kinda like I Dream of Jeannie... in his case, I Dream of Rebbe...)

This site has some good pics of the village, allowing the average Talmudic student to visualize the living spaces and daily existences of our Sages of Blessed Memory which, to me, is just as interesting a topic as their infernally endless arguments about cows, bulls, witnesses, hymens, menstrual periods and calendar rhythms (which, do not doubt, are also interesting). Also at this Talmudic Exhibit used to be a great IMAX-style movie illustrating the "Oven of Bar Achnai" story, which I can't seem to find a single scrap of info. about online, but which nevertheless was a somewhat impressive attempt at dramatizing a fantastical Talmudic tale, replete with special effects of flying trees, walls collapsing inward, rivers running backward and the Voice of G-d Herself! When I finally start my production company, though, I will put their version abjectly to shame. Just you wait and see...

Bar's Random Rantless Emes (Vol. 2)

• Reknowned Jewish Blogger Decides to Keep Shabbos - This is a great story full of cops, drugs, and Yiddishkeit.

• Matisyahu from my hometown (White Plains, NY) and former member of our band has a video on MTV, cool - scroll down to his name and click on the video. Also, check out a brand-new article about him on

• Is Your Air Kosher?  I only breath Peri-Air

• A Site for and by Ultra-Orthodox Jews. i found it while reading about how sheitels (wigs) for Orthodox Jewish women aren't normally kosher.