Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bar's Random Rantless Emes (Vol. 5)

• Nice!  Gotta love the Xhawk aerial vehicle - flying car from Israel, where else?

• A movie about quantum physics that actually looks entertaining... "Surely you can't be serious..."  Here's the movie trailer.

• These are cute little Yiddishe kids.  

• This is funny to anyone who's ever had to wait for someone who's late -- check out the the Starjack commercial.

• Check out a great Jewish Organization that actively seeks out people in need, and gives them money or goods to make their lives better - Lamed Vuvnik.  Happy Pesach all!

Jewish Arts Metropolis (JAM-NYC), a new Jewish arts organization that "represents a new voice for the world of Jewish arts & culture in New York City."

• From the Straight Dope web site: Was Walt Disney a fascist?

Women Orthodox Rabbis?.  

• Guess the Jews.  I think I know these people.  The guy on the left I think lives in Crown Heights.


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