Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bar's Random Rantless Emes (Vol. 6)

The story of Jonathan Pollard - this is a great article and insight into the whole affair.

Carleebach does Kaballah in NYC.

JSirpicco? A New Jew Blog: Rantings of an undercover Jewish guy (Editor's note: this site is not endorsed or recommended by Chazarmaveth. For a reference, check his comments on Voices From Our Side, in which he kinda makes an ass of himself. At his own expense.)

Fascism 101 - The Wave: "Strength Through Discipline, Community, and Action" -- I saw the movie in Hebrew school in the 80s, now you can check out the book about a high school experiment to teach the power of social pressure that went awry.

A Righteous Goy - he saved over 2500 Jews during WWII; we can all learn something from him

Madonna & Kaballah diatribe by radio host Mike Savage.

Air Scooter - a new way to fly.

A sweet car commercial using a funky graphic technology.


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