Thursday, April 21, 2005

Cold Rockin' the East Village

My old Siftei Chachamim teacher, Rav Shmuel Skaist, has his own underground scene in the East Village at a joint called The Sidewalk Cafe, which is part of a larger East Village scene called Antifolk. He doesn't do the oi-oi-oi crapola, or even write very many songs with Jewish subjects -- though the ones that he does write are pretty funny (the one I remember best is called "Christian Baby Blood Matza", which has a quite "Bitchin' Camaro"-esque bounce to it)...

Anyway, he's coming out with a new CD next month -- I hope to review it here and perhaps even interview the man! Check out his site, where he does a radio interview with John Kalish of WNYC.


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