Friday, April 01, 2005

Look!!! Talmudic Farm Tools!!!

Allright, OK... so maybe they were manufactured by modern-day Israelis within the last decade or so for display at the Talmudic Village Exhibit in Katzrin, but... still! Talmudic Farm Tools, man!!! The kind that R. Shimon bar Yochai saw that fabled farmer hoein' and plantin' with when he decided to set his entire field ablaze -- with just a wink! (Kinda like I Dream of Jeannie... in his case, I Dream of Rebbe...)

This site has some good pics of the village, allowing the average Talmudic student to visualize the living spaces and daily existences of our Sages of Blessed Memory which, to me, is just as interesting a topic as their infernally endless arguments about cows, bulls, witnesses, hymens, menstrual periods and calendar rhythms (which, do not doubt, are also interesting). Also at this Talmudic Exhibit used to be a great IMAX-style movie illustrating the "Oven of Bar Achnai" story, which I can't seem to find a single scrap of info. about online, but which nevertheless was a somewhat impressive attempt at dramatizing a fantastical Talmudic tale, replete with special effects of flying trees, walls collapsing inward, rivers running backward and the Voice of G-d Herself! When I finally start my production company, though, I will put their version abjectly to shame. Just you wait and see...


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