Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Porn=Chametz, Erotica=Matzah?

A while back, the popular Jewschool blogger known as Mobius posted a really amazingly great article in Jewsweek about his decision to start keeping Shabbos, entitled "The Barren Bling Finger of God" -- check it out here. In the article, he describes what to me is probably one of the most compelling reasons for a single buchur to get serious about Yiddishkeit -- the beauty and loveliness and devotion of all the holy Jewish sisters out there who are into Yiddishkeit:

"You need to understand how much I adore Esty. The other night we were having dinner and she invited her dad to join us. I joked with Esty what I would say to her dad upon meeting him: "Uh sir, I know I'm not frum. And I know I might never be. But I'd like to ask you for your daughter's hand in marriage." What?

"Yeah. Esty is amazing. She makes me want to be frum. She's seriously my favorite frum girl in the world (like I said), and I have the utmost respect and appreciation for her and everything she's about. She consistently amazes me and just makes me feel very good about Orthodoxy and Orthodox people, because she's so emblematic of what happens when Orthodoxy is done right."

I actually told people, over the long Passover weekend, about his article, how it inspired me, how great Israel is for inspiring this kind of teshuva and these kinds of life-decisions, and I waxed nostalgic for the days when all of Judaism was set ablaze for me by the excitement and electricity of meeting amazingly holy Jews in the Holy Land.

So imagine my surprise when I click onto Jewschool last night, fully energized from a weekend of endless meat-eating, wine-drinking, spiritual contemplation and shmoozing with old friends, to find an image of an 18-year-old Israeli girl lying fully unclothed on a beach covered by nothing but a slice of matzah, with the title: "Pesach Porn."

I encourage all of my readers not to follow Jewschool's link to the Suicide Girls' website, but instead to go to the Jewschool article (beware for the tzniyus-minded -- the lead picture ain't exactly kasher l'Pesach) and read the volley of comments, many of which are mine, about this posting. I'm not one to lord my moral/ethical opinions over others -- I just feel a little betrayed by Mobius, and a little disappointed that the cutting-edge Jewish web culture that I've come to enjoy lately has to bring things like this into its midst.

Anyhow, Gutten Moed, everyone!


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