Friday, April 08, 2005

Punch Drunk Art Mag

Who loved Punch-Drunk Love? Remember those warped, intermittent psychedelic miasmas of color and shape that made you scratch your head and say, "WTF?" Those were designed by Jeremy Blake, who is something of a hot-shit digital artist right now, and who has a very intriguing-looking exhibition right now at the San Francisco MOMA. Wish I could go! Maybe he'll come back to NYC soon.

Got this link from Artkrush, which is a kick-butt digital journal about cutting-edge art-world goings-on... I get it as a biweekly e-mail, and it rocks.


At 12:55 PM, April 08, 2005, Blogger barseff said...

i didn't see punch drunk love, but i did see two great flicks magnolia and boogie nights. the art's cool too.


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