Friday, April 15, 2005

Solar-Powered Wallpaper?

Well, the 2005 Webby Award Nominees have been announced...

One of the nominees for Best Blog has gone to, which seems to be a hip, eco-friendly, tekkie-type site that currently has a link to the 2nd Annual Interactive Media Culture Expo, which looks freakin' cool, and which is happening right now in my very own neighborhood of Chelsea!

One of the featured exhibits at this event will be a development called Solar Powered Wallpaper, which evidently is a new way of lighting the interior of your home... Hmmm... I guess that's one way to cut down on those costly lightbulb expenditures! I assume that this of course will now inspire a whole new round of, "How many ______s does it take to change the wallpaper?" jokes, as well as the creation of all new images of wallpaper floating above cartoon characters' heads in thought-bubbles when they get new bright ideas...

Whatever... also nominated for a "Webby" in the Professional Services category is, who, regrettably, seem to be trying way too hard to eradicate the notion that the "gross" appeal of their bottled Casio-style muzak was what made them at all cool in the first place! C'mon, Muzak... where's the cheese? The MIDI? The violins and doinky pop-music covers? Bring back the old school, yo!


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