Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tuba Toothpaste

Went to a classical music concert last night at the Society For Ethical Culture that paid tribute to the life of Bill Hamilton, who recently passed away. Hamilton, as I'm sure you know, was one of NYC's most trumpeted (heh) French Horn players, and the concert given in his honor last night featured more French Horns than you could shake a conductor's wand at... literally. I have never seen so many of those twisty, curvey, intricate brass instruments all together in one place before, or playing so beautifully... wowie.

Anyway, the greatest performance of the evening, in my opinion, was by a horn quintet fronted by much-sought-after tuba player Marcus Rojas (pictured above), whose rendition of Mozart's Quintet for Horn and Strings k.407 in E minor literally left me with tears streaming down my hayseed, country-boy cheeks. Then, Rojas proceeded to play a solo Tuba piece that he wrote for a child named Joshua who died of pediatric AIDS. The most gripping, stirring, and powerfully emotional live solo Tuba performance I have ever witnessed. This guy was unbelievable.

Evidently, Rojas has played and recorded with all kinds of famous cats, including two of my own personal favorites, They Might Be Giants and David Byrne, both of whom seem to have created online radio broadcasts lately! Byrne's "journal", which he wants you to know is not a blog, is worth checking out, even though it seems he hasn't updated it in a month. The price of being a famous superstar arteest, I guess... or maybe, when you win a Blogging award from Esquire Magazine, it all seems downhill from there... not that I would know!


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