Monday, May 23, 2005

Keeping Up With The Joneses

On the left: Indiana Jones. On the right: Vendyl Jones. Both righteous non-Jews. Both archaeologists. Both seekers of the Holy Ark of the Covenant. Both considered nutty by their fellow archaeological peers.

The main difference between them: Vendyl has the blessing of a secret Kabbalist, and Indy does not.

The above article says that Vendyl predicts to discover the Ark's whereabouts by this summer, on or around August 14, 2005, which will be 5 days after my wife is supposed to be giving birth to our first child. That would be a pretty freakin' cool birthday party, man. That is, unless it brings about the End of Days.

If Vendyl really does wind up causing The Apocalypse, then I guess we won't ever have a chance to play The Ark of The Covenant Board Game, because we'll be playing the REAL THING, BABAY! Perhaps Vendyl truly is the ANTICHRIST after all... Hmmm...

(thanks to Bar for the heads-up on this)


At 8:08 PM, May 23, 2005, Anonymous Shmarya said...

A. Harrison Ford's mother has been reported to be Jewish.

B. I know Vendyl Jones. He's been working on this for years – may actually find it if it's really out there to be found, that is.


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