Wednesday, May 25, 2005

You Are Not Even A Jawa

I didn't like Episode III. There, I said it. With their combination of utterly reprehensible casting decisions, tepid screenwriting and favoring of way-too-overstimulating CG over actual character development, those alien invaders at LucasFilms who have hijacked Lucas' brain have transformed Darth Vader's whole legendary journey toward the Dark Side of the Force, which once represented the epic struggle of light and shadow within all of us, into a shallow, adolescent, sissy-boy parody of itself.

However, not even the die-hard cynics of the Old School can escape the multitude of parodies-of-parodies that circulate around offices like mine. Here's some of the better ones this week:

• Pit your feeble human mind against the all-powerful Dark Lord in this interactive seance (Flash required).

Store Wars, a movie that quite reminded me of The Meatrix, which is also worth checking out.

Revenge of the Brick. Lego madness. Beautiful.


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