Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bar's Random Rantless Emes (vol. 10)

• There is a new CD out to raise funds to save Gush Katif. Please allow a thriving Jewish community in Israel continue to thrive (P.S. The jury is still out for Chazarmaveth on this one -- that's why this column is called "Bar's Random Rantless Emes").

The above CD is a compilation from the top names in the Jewish rock world including Piamenta, Moshav Band, Blue Fringe, Pey Dalid and Soulfarm. There's also some equally great up-and-coming bands, including Heedoosh, White Shabbos, Farbrengiton and many more.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz has been elected to head a 21st Century Sanhedrin. Bitchin'!

• The son of an employee at my company won the National Spelling Bee contest. Check out how to spell "appoggiatura."


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