Monday, June 27, 2005

Welcome Home Brother...

Above (on the left) is a painting of the Beit HaMikdash with the word "Jerusalem" written in trippy script across the front, hanging up in the woods.

Yours truly designed + painted it. Now go ahead and say what you were already starting to say about how mamish beautiful and inspiring it is... Go ahead, I'll wait...

From the Jerusalem Camp website:

Every year since 1972, thousands of people have gathered together in the National Forest of America to pray for world peace on the 4th of July. Over the course of a month, hundreds of camps are built in the woods and meadows that surround the meadow where the day of prayer and celebration occurs. Every type of person you can imagine shows up. Many cultures and groups are represented, as well as thousands of young searching souls.

As one would expect, a large percentage of these people are Jewish. We build what has become famous as the Jerusalem Camp and Circkle K Kitchen. We provide Certified Kosher Organic food to the thousands. Each day we have Torah Classes singing and cooking lessons, give out Jewish literature and make real life connections with the many young people that are desperately seeking for some meaning in their life. We also provide free plane tickets to those who are willing to go to Israel and learn (Click here to view our promotional video).

I personally was never a dirty hippie freak, like the many thousands of young Jews who go to the national Rainbow Gathering every year, tho', to be completely fair, I did, at one point, have an incredibly long Chassidishe beard (see below).

"Alla hu akbar!!! I am Florida citizen! I can learn to fly plane!"

Anyhoo, Jerusalem Camp 2005 is getting warmed up right now somewhere in West Virginia, mountain momma. While I'm not into "kiruv," and I don't like the idea of making non-religious people "frum," and I'm generally burned out with the "neo-hassidic hippie Judaism" that I was once so involved with, I do believe that a great thing is happening out there with Ze'ev, Moish, Shalom and that whole crew, so I would like to wish them all hatzlacha raba, and that their Shabbos davenning, as well as everything else, is a gevalt.

(link from 'laizer of Wilderness City, who I suspect is someone who I know and have had Shabbos with in the last year -- n'est-ce pas, 'laizer?)


At 12:44 PM, June 27, 2005, Blogger 'laizer said...

ya' caught me...

At 9:21 PM, June 27, 2005, Blogger ADAM said...

Cool Painting. Very thoughtfull and colorfull. I am impressed. I noticed the emphasis on the Circle K. Do you consider that a good heksher?


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