Friday, July 22, 2005

Bar's Random Rantless Emes (Vol. 11)

Yidstock is happening this summer.

Slide Show from the Gush Katif Rally in Times Square.

A Rebbe With a Web Site.

• Thesis interrupted; The Dangers of Jewish Music.

Lots of Jewish Music Audio including Shlomo Carlebach.

• Rock on; Mimaamakim's got a blog now.


At 7:35 PM, July 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to "The Dangers of Jewish Music"! I've decided based on the article not to listen to ANY Jewish music - just to be on the safe side...

Rav Shmuel

At 10:36 PM, July 28, 2005, Blogger Chazarmaveth said...

Rav Shmuel!
Such a zechus to have your presence on my blog! Welcome welcome!
You do know that I gave you a shout a while ago, right?
Right on -- I don't listen to Jewish music anymore either.
Especially after I heard the raw deal JDub gave you --
screw them!!! Your song makes their whole freakin' sampler!!!

At 4:59 PM, August 03, 2005, Blogger barseff said...

Hi Rav Shmuel,

i'm happy you liked the link.

when are you going to have a blog? not that you're going to read this ;-)


btw we now have a baby boy!

At 7:19 PM, August 04, 2005, Blogger RC said...

Thanks for the shout out. I just noticed it while reviewing my site meter stats. I don't know yet who you are but I thank you for putting me in your blog and I shall shout back at you.

You and your family and friends are always invited to our crib for Shabbos in Yerushalayim.

Thanks again, Mazel Tov and I will link you in my blog page as well. Good Shabbos!

Reb Chaim of Yerushalayim


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