Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Comment on Comments

This girl's name is Elle. She has a relatively new blog called Bitch Pulled Out My Weave! I found it by hitting the "Next Blog" button on the Blogger® Toolbar displayed at the top right corner of my blog, like 50 or 60 times. Yes, I was bored. No, I do not recommend this as a way of web-surfing, as many of the "blogs" out there are actually perplexingly-configured advertisements for Viagra, usually in languages other than English.

Anyway, Elle. The reason I bring her up is threefold:

1) Even though she doesn't really write about things of any major importance, and her postings are usually NC-17, I must admit to occasionally enjoying them.

2) Look at how many comments each one of her posts generates!!!!!! They're in the hundreds, and they pour in every single day!!!!

3) I can't tell whether or not she is Jewish, but while rooting through her archives, I came up with a comment that could be construed as vaguely anti-Jewish (p.s. see Chazarmaveth's comment on aformentioned post, for your nice, daily dosage of whupass).

Anyway, I am mainly writing this in honor of Stu, who has been bitching and whining that no one posts comments on his blog, and has "threatened" to quit blogging altogether. Guess what Stu! Blogging ain't about the comments, son. It's about putting it out there, doing your own thing and not giving a damn if anyone else reads it. At least, that's what it's about for me.

Why don't you start blogging chapters of the story you were gonna start writing for me? Remember? The one about "sinkholes, videogaming consoles, multiple homicides, public-school pedophiles and rollerskating rinks?" C'mon man -- get back in the game!

(Update 9:52AM on the same day) -- allright, maybe she is Jewish (rooting a little further within the same post, I found a telling scrap of evidence). In which case, she gets to make aforementioned comments, I guess. Dang. There goes another shot at being self-righteous Defender of Our Nation...)


At 9:10 AM, July 28, 2005, Blogger WanderingStu said...

yeah, well, just wait and see if this post gets ANY comments at all.


(anyway-- my complaint is really addressed to my friends and family, for whom the blog is intended. if it was a more publicly-aimed blog, i wouldn't bitch about comments so early in the game, i would promote myself. BUT, since this was devised as a way to update my chevre (and my goat cheese) on my days in israel, i expect those schlubs to comment. which you have done very nicely. thanks

At 9:13 AM, July 28, 2005, Blogger WanderingStu said...


At 9:40 AM, July 28, 2005, Blogger 'laizer said...

Whoa realy set into her with a vengence.
You were keeping that one bottled up for a while, huh?

At 9:48 AM, July 28, 2005, Blogger Chazarmaveth said...

i guess so...
but i don't handle that stuff well...
perhaps i shoulda given her the benefit of the doubt?
well, i did give her a whole post's worth of props on my blog...

At 2:19 PM, July 28, 2005, Blogger WanderingStu said...

i reponded to your overly overly harif rebuke over there- have a look if you like. one of my main theses was this: you ain't that hot, Chaz. And by the way, thanks for revealing BOTH of my secret identities in one week.

At 2:25 PM, July 28, 2005, Blogger Chazarmaveth said...

the hell i ain't, biatch!
speak for yourself!

At 1:11 AM, July 29, 2005, Anonymous Stu but not logging in said...

cute to me, sure. but hot, like Brad Pitt, or maybe Fabian, nah.

By the way, thanks to all your pals for commenting on the site--- but where the fuck are my friends? weep weep

Good Shabbes..........

At 12:25 PM, July 31, 2005, Blogger Chazarmaveth said...

i guess i was wrong
thanks to 'laizer for straightening me out
must have been "about-to-be-a-father"-related stress
or just wanting to defend jewish hotness
anyway i'll probably apologize
if she ever even reads the post

At 4:47 PM, December 19, 2005, Anonymous mortgage interest rate said...

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