Sunday, January 22, 2006

Scream If You Want It

As if the art of laying bare the truth and interviewing famous Sci-Fi/Fantasy icons wasn't enough, Hank Magitz (an old drinking buddy, bodyguard and infrequent contributor to the Pig of Death) has now got his very own megasite called Scream If You Want It, in which he not only interviews more famous horror/fantasy authors like Neil Gaiman while (almost simultaneously) ripping geriatric Limey freaks like Rod Stewart a new one, but in which he also takes an important moment or two to discuss the various and many-splendored virtues of such important and influential world political leaders as Elisha Cuthbert, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba (and not, I repeat, not, in a manner that would give all 2 of our tzniyusly-minded readers any warm fuzzies -- please, be warned, whoever you are).

He's also got Havdalah, a quintessential beacon of journalistic objectivity with which he is disseminating awareness, knowledge, truth, sex, drugs AND a promotional plug for his pal Clifford Meth's new book, Meth O.D., which promises to follow in Magitz's well-worn footsteps and kick some hardcore butt. Meth's previous short-story collection (which got me involved in this whole sticky Magitz situation to begin with), namely god's 15 minutes, is (to me) on par with:

1) Torat Moshe me'Sinai,

2) The Bagavhad Gita (not that I've ever read it, but I've heard it rules)

3) The grilled BBQ pastrami sandwich at Wolf and Lamb.

Both of these fine offerings are available through Aardwolf Publishing, though Meth O.D. won't be available until March. I'm ordering my copy today, and you can't borrow it when I'm done with it, so there.

In other news, DevilDucky freaking rules. You've got to check out their full clip of Bill Shatner ripping on Trekkers, as well as Triumph the Insult Comic dog ripping on the Star Wars geeks.

(Oh, and Hank -- don't forget Scarlett Johannson getting felt up on national television (thanks to Jewschool for this).)


At 10:49 PM, January 23, 2006, Blogger Hank Magitz said...

Well that was something!


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