Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Pig of Death : Vodcast Episode #3

This week on the Vodcast:

1) THE PIGLET OF DEATH -- By popular demand, here's footage of our little 7.5-month-old oinker fervently enjoying her toy squeaky duck, and very eloquently spitting up some oatmeal...

2) And speaking of little babies... here is 4 BABIES LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF (pulled from Google Video) -- all I have to say is, this actually gets creepier the longer you watch it.

3) And speaking of creepy, Number 3 is my good friend XYLONETS -- whose SOON-TO-BE-FAMOUS PHOTOS of strange things being done by even stranger animals are getting massive traffic on Flickr.com, and are being displayed in several prominent European photography exhibitions this spring.

4) Speaking of strange animals, did anyone hear about this FURRY LOBSTER -- on the Jimmy Kimmel show, OR from DevilDucky.com -- this is just funny.

5) And since we're pursuing the whole "strange animal" phenomena, we should take a moment for this clip of FUNNY CATS (received from Father in Law) -- I usually hate cat stuff, but this is actually pretty amazing. Especially the stuff with the little kids.

6) And further along in the "Who gives a crap about it?" topic, here are some DUMBASS ACCIDENTS (SEEN FROM FARK.COM) -- I've seen some of this stuff before, but it's just stunning how idiotic some people are.

7) And of course, no podcast would be complete without the obligatory announcement about the SNAKES ON A PLANE POSTER CONTEST / TRAILER RELEASE THIS WEEK! -- There's really not much to say about this, except that THERE ARE SNAKES ON A MUTHAFUCKIN' PLANE!!!!!!!! Check the trailer, the contest and the offical Song.

8) Let's wrap it up with footage from a wedding I attended last week at the Grand Prospect Hall in Park Slope, where my pals Aaron and Shira got married, and where the ice cream parlor scene from "The Royal `Tenenbaums" was shot. Mazal tov to Aaron and Shira!!!

Stay tuned, my sucklings!!!


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